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Uganda's visitors consistently describe the local people as the most friendly in the whole of Africa.


Uganda had been priding in the recent accolades by Lonely Planet, which voted Uganda as the best tourism destination for 2012, Africa Bird Club, which voted Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as Africa’s number one birding site for birding in safaris in Uganda and most recently the National Geographic an international travel channel affiliated to the National Geograpic Society listed Uganda among the top 20 global tourism destinations in the year 2013.

To start promoting the country as a major tourist destination, the government of Uganda has declared Uganda a preferred bird watching destination 2013/14 a development expected to promote birding safaris in Uganda and uphold the country as a major and unique tourist destination.

The declaration by the government was made after Birdlife International a global programme on conservation and protection of birds and their habitats and Nature Uganda announced that there were 34 important bird watching areas in Uganda, with diverse bird species. Read more………


Staff of Uganda Wildlife Authority in Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA) are battling a herd of elephants that crossed from Nimule National Park in South Sudan last Friday in Uganda in the villages of Pagirinya and Mukoyoro in Adjumani District. These villages lie into the wildlife corridor and are remote and sparsely populated.

According to the MFCA Conservation Area Manager, Mr. Tom Okello Obong, wild animals especially elephants make a long trek from Sudan to Uganda and back in search of pasture and water Uganda every year. South Sudan is usually very dry around towards the end of the year, prompting the elephants to look for water and pasture down south.

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Uganda named top global tourist destination

The National Geographic an international travel channel affiliated to the National Geograpic Society listed Uganda among the top 20 global tourism destinations in the year 2013.

Uganda is an astonishingly beautiful country, full of vibrant colour, confident, courteous and indomitable people. It boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and waterscapes. It is home to the source of the Nile and the most powerful natural flow of water on Earth, Muchison Falls.

Perched on an immense plateau several thousand feet above the equator, Uganda has the best of both worlds, year-round sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Everything grows here. It is said that if you lean your walking stick against an outside wall at night, it will be a tree in the morning!

Here you can see the African wildlife you would expect – the largest population of mountain gorillas in the world, estimated around 400 gorillas, elephant, lion, zebra, water buffalo, leopard, hyena, crocodile, hippopotamus and much, much more. There are more species of primates than you will ever see elsewhere. There are over 1,000 exotic bird species, more per square mile than in almost any other country. Butterflies including some of the rarest on Earth The snow capped Rwenzori mountain range and many mountain ranges volcanic and fold mountains. Uganda’s lakes and rivers offer some of the most stunning scenery on Earth.

Unlike the lonely planet, which named Uganda as the best travel destination for 2012, National Geographic listed Uganda among the top “new year’s 20 must-see places.” 

“The pride of Uganda’s tourism lies in the undisturbed green nature that welcomes you the moment you land in Uganda whether by air, water, land or any means of transportation,” stated the National Geographic. Read more……

In the nutshell, ‘the pearl of Africa’ Uganda while being only the size of the United Kingdom, has unbeatable climate – is on the equator, yet at an average altitude of 4,000 feet, enjoys weather rather akin to a year-round British summer. And within its borders rain forest, savannah, mountain scapes, jungle, crater lakes, volcanoes, the Ssese Islands “a world of its own and much, much more.

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Nyakagezi Mountain Gorilla Family Status update

Gorilla tracking in Uganda is the most sought after tourism activity and it occurs in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park – activity available all year and in Mgahinga National Park. But gorilla tracking in Mgahinga depends on the movement of the gorillas as they sometimes cross over to Rwanda like now when the Nyakagezi Mountain Gorilla Family based in which had crossed to Rwanda last year is back.

The Nyakagezi Mountain Gorilla Family based in Mgahinga National Park that had crossed to Rwanda last year is back in South Western Uganda. Reports shows that all the nine members are back and in a healthy condition. Now its upon the Uganda Wildlife Authority a semi-autonomous government agency that conserves and manages Uganda’s wildlife for the people of Uganda and the whole world and the relevant stakeholders to determine when to sell the group for tourism.

Just in case you miss out tracking Nyakagezi Mountain Gorilla Family in Mgahinga, Bwind impenetrable forest national park is the perfect solution all year round but also requires advance booking three months. Bwindi harbours the largest population of mountain gorillas in the world, with over 400 gorillas residing in this forest. There are eight habituated groups, which include Mubare with 5 members, Habinyanja with 19 members, Rushegura with 20, Nkuringo 20, Bitukura 14, Nshongi 26, Mishaya 11, Kyaguriro 16. Two other groups are under habituation and currently being used for mock tourism namely Kahungye and Oruzogo. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has one trans-boundary group known as Nyakagezi with 9 members. All groups are available for tourism allowed up to eight visitors only a day, for a period of one hour except Kyaguriro in Ruhija which is dedicated for Research this calling for advance booking.


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Gorilla population Increases in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities together with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) are pleased to announce a considerable increase in the mountain gorilla population in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (BINP) following a three-week census that was carried out in the park in September and October 2011.

The population of mountain gorillas has been confirmed to stand at a minimum of 400 according to results from the census that was carried out by UWA with assistance from the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP), Institute for the Conservation of Nature (ICCN) in DRC and RDB from Rwanda.

According to results from the census, this means that Uganda is host to more than half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas making the country a number one spot for gorilla tracking .

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Kasubi tombs reconstruction to start in January

The Kasubi tombs which is a world heritage site and among the cultural sites in Uganda that was destroyed by fire on march 16, 2010 reconstruction to kick off in January next year. The Katikkiro of Buganda, John Baptist Walusimbi, revealed this while addressing the Buganda Lukiiko (Parliament) at Bulange in Mengo.

The Katikkiro said bidders have already submitted their documents and are under scrutiny by quantity surveyors and the committee in charge. Fore more information click


The management of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has announced a Gorilla tracking giving back promotion to coincide with Uganda’s 50th Independence anniversary celebrations to enable potential visitors enjoy Gorilla tracking experience in Uganda at subsidized rates.

According to a statement from the UWA acting Executive Director, the following promotional prices will apply for visitors wishing to track gorillas within the months of November 2012, April 2013 and May 2013.Foreign Non Residents will pay US $ 350 for a permit, Foreign Residents US$300 and East Africans will part with U sh 150,000 a permit. For more details visit

To enable potential gorilla tracking visitors and those who wish to come back for a second great chance of seeing Gorillas utilize the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Gorilla tracking promotion during these months, Just Travel Uganda will also offer a 10% discount for direct bookings on and all the Just Travel Uganda safaris itineraries with Gorilla tracking as an activity. Do take advantage of this offer and book your dream tour to track Gorillas in their natural habitants.

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Elephant poaching in Uganda

Hon. Minister Maria Mutagamba, Uganda’s new minister of tourism, wildlife and antiquities has refuted recent media reports about an escalation in poaching in most of Uganda’s protected areas which created the impression that Uganda’s wildlife is on the verge of extinction.

While speaking to the media in Kampala on Sept. 11, Mutagamba noted that the impression created by the media reports that Uganda’s wildlife is at the verge of extinction and that Uganda Wildlife Authority is not doing much to control  the vice is an exaggeration of the problem.

She did not dispute reports that over the last four years, there has been a recorded increase in poaching activity, especially of elephants.  But she said poaching of elephants was increasing all over the continent and not only in Uganda.

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Oldest Fossil Ever Discovered on Earth Returned to Uganda.

Remains of what is believed to be the oldest fossil ever discovered on Earth has been returned to Uganda.  The fossil was discovered by a joint team of Ugandan and French scientists last year on July 18th at Napak, near mount Moroto, in Karamoja, North Eastern Uganda and is called Uganda pithecus Major.

This is the oldest, most complete ape fossil ever to be discovered on Earth and is believed to be aged between 19 and 20 million years. He has been returned after spending about a year in the French capital Paris where the skull fragments discovered were used to make a reconstruction of what the skull may have looked like.

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Very Sad News about Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Mountain Gorillas

Bwindi has a population of around 340 gorillas of which an estimated 116 are habituated. Gorillas are intelligent, majestic, gentle giants that share over 90% of their genetic material with humans. All of Bwindi’s habituated gorillas are known individually by the rangers and have been given names in order to identify them.

Friend a gorilla reported that on Monday a Senior Adult female Bwiruka (local name for the one who knows how to run fast) was found dead by trackers visiting Nshongi Family in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Friend a gorilla reports that the cause of death is yet to be established but is suspected to be advanced age since she had been noticed to be frail and trailing the Family members most of the times in the recent past.

May her soul rest in eternal peace

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