UGANDAUnbelievable beauty
Uganda's beauty so took winston churchill's breath away that he named it 'The Pearl of Africa'


… for Nile Perch, Some lake, Some river, SOME FISH!

A trip to the Nile at Murchison Falls was made by Johannesburg fishing columnist Charles Norman.

I turned to see a dorsal fin emerging from the water, an erect fin with spines as thick as knitting needles. Then a broad silver back followed, and we were looking at rows of scales bigger than golf balls. Slowly but with apparent ease, this monster fish moved along the side of the rock against the current.

We knew that we were looking at a Nile Perch, but a perch larger than anything else we’d ever seen before, from the size of the dorsal fin and broad back moving slowly past just two metres away, we knew we were looking at a fish in the 100kg class.
It was so close that we could have gaffed it- though that would have meant an instant and fatal swim; anybody falling into the Nile below Murchison Falls and somehow surviving those awesome currents would not get past the monster crocodiles waiting in calmer water further downstream.
In my right hand I held two of our 14kg boat rods which we’d brought from the lake, in my left, I carried a bucket of live bait we’d stopped and caught in a small feeder stream on our way to the falls. That, in itself, had been quite an adventure; in that bucket swam not only several species of bream or kurper but also various strange catfish and bottlenose type fish that don’t exist in our part of the world.
One of the rods was already rigged with a 6/0 hook tied directly to a double trace of the 14kg nylon, so I quickly grabbed a half kilo bream, slipped the hook through its dorsal fin and dropped it virtually at my feet, just where the giant perch had now submerged.
The fish swam for perhaps two seconds and then came a thud I felt right through the slack line. I flipped the Penn reel into free spool and watched in amazement as the line moved slowly upstream. Whatever had taken my live-bait was now casually cruising through that current in search of another snack…”
This adventure turned into what the prodigiously experienced Charles Norman describes as “…the most exciting morning’s fishing that I have ever known”. Having landed some magnificent specimens, he concludes by pointing out that the most memorable strike of the day was one that “…just for a second felt rock solid before my double line came flying back to me”.

Now is your time to come fishing in Uganda and write your own memory…

Enjoy 7 days fishing on Lake Victoria and at Murchison Falls

1Arrive in the morning and transfer by private vehicle to the port for the private launch trip to Kalangala Island. We’ll stay here, at the Island Club.
Lunch, the afternoon fishing on Lake Victoria

2Full day fishing with picnic lunch
Dinner and overnight at club

3Full day fishing with picnic lunch
Dinner and overnight at club

4After breakfast, we’ll travel by launch and 4wd vehicle via Kampala and Masindi (lunch) to Murchison Falls National Park to arrive at the Sambiya Fishing Lodge for dinner and overnight.

5Your first chance to catch the monster at Murchison, all day fishing on the Nile
Dinner and overnight at the lodge

7All day fishing on the Nile
Dinner and overnight at the lodge
Return journey to Kampala after a little early fishing


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Partly sunny
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