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Uganda's lakes and rivers offer some of the most stunning scenery on Earth.


Described as a pretty and charming town by Sir Frederick Treves in 1913, Entebbe is still a lovely spot to visit today. Entebbe is the old administrative capital of Uganda, and many administrative departments still remain there, such as the State House. The word ‘Entebbe’ in Luganda means ‘chair’: the ‘chair’ of government, in this case. Entebbe lies along the shores of Lake Victoria, about 35km south of Kampala. Entebbe is great for a day at the beach, a visit to the Wildlife Education Centre, or for a stroll in the botanical gardens.
From the taxi park in Kampala, the fare to Entebbe costs around 1 USD. From Masaka, Entebbe can also be reached by ferry.

What to see


Started as an animal orphanage center in 1952, UWEC was established as a sanctuary for animals unable to fend for themselves. Therefore, animals at the UWEC are injured, saved from illegal traders, or orphaned.
The UWEC, formerly called the Entebbe Zoo, is a fun and exciting place to learn about a variety of animals. Mammals at the centre include Otters, Lions, Leopards and White rhinos; Primates include Patas monkeys, Vervet monkeys, and Chimpanzees. Reptiles include the African rock python, Crocodiles, Monitor lizard, and Cobras; and bird species include the rare Shoebill, the Egyptian goose, the Helmeted guinea fowl, the African fish eagle, the Grey crested crane, and the potted Eagle owl. There is also an impressive array of vegetation.
Visitor facilities at the UWEC include guided tours, the gift shop, the information centre’s children’s discovery area, the lecture room, a camping ground, boat rides, donkey rides, performances and a picnic ground. Furthermore, there is budget accommodation available with shared facilities.


Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, the Entebbe Imperial Botanical Beach offers a lovely botanical garden. It is said that in 1902, the Entebbe Imperial Botanical Beach was the site of early Tarzan films. The gardens include an attractive layout of indigenous forest and horticulture. The gardens are ideal for bird and monkey watching.
Bird life at the gardens is extremely rich. Birds include the grey kestrel; the yellow throated leaflove; the slender billed weaver; Jackson’s golden backed weaver; the striking black headed gonolek; and the red chested sunbird. Also to be found at the gardens is the grey cupped warbler; the common wattle eye; various shorebirds; the palmnut vulture; the fish eagle; giant eagle owls; and forest birds including splendid Ross’s, great blue turaco, and the noisy black and white casqued hornbill. There are also many vervet monkeys as well as black and white colobus monkeys, and tree squirrels.


Located about an hour’s drive from Entebbe, Mabamba swap is an excellent area for bird watching. A boat trip on the swamp may include sightings of shoebills, pygmy geese, lesser jacana, gull-billed term, blue-breasted bee-eaters, Caruther’s cistcola, and white winged warbler.


Located a couple of hundred metres off Kampala-Entebbe road at Kisubi, 23km from Kampala, Zika forest is a small patch of remnant forest about 100 acre. With insufficient time to visit large and better-known forests in Uganda, Zika forest provides a cheap and convenient taste of a tropical forest.
The forest contains a unique four storey metal tower used to ascertain what sort of bugs inhabit which strata of forest vegetation, a forearm-burning ascent of a narrow metal ladder is rewarded when you emerge into open skies to enjoy a bird’s and monkey’s eye view of the forest canopy and there is a small trail network also explores the forest at ground level.


An eighteen-hole golf course is located near the UWEC, on the road to the airport. Non-members are allowed to golf for an affordable fee. It is advisable to golf either in the early morning or late afternoon due to Uganda’s hot mid-afternoon climate.


Entebbe International Airport first opened in 1951 and then relocated and re-opened in 1971 under the Civil Aviation Authority.
Operating airlines at Entebbe airport offering regional flights include Air Uganda, Precision Air, Eagle Air, Air Tanzania, Fly540, Rwanda Express and Kenya Airways. International airlines include South African Airways, Brussels Airlines, British Airways, Egypt Air, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates and Turkish Airlines, all with regional offices in Entebbe and/or Kampala.
The airport includes a visa office, where tourist visas may be purchased upon arrival for a 50 USD fee. The airport also includes souvenir shops, duty free shops, a restaurant, health services, and a Forex Bureau. There is also a public information desk where tourist maps are available for sale.


Situated on Lake Victoria, 23km southeast of Entebbe, Ngamba Island forms part of the fifteen Kome Archipelago islands and islets separated from the northern shore of Lake Victoria by about 10km of the Damba Channel. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary provides care for orphaned chimpanzees, and has over fifty plant species of rainforest environment, which is almost identical to chimpanzee’s environment in the wild.
The sanctuary offers chimpanzee walks, as well as viewings of feeding time for the chimps. There are also kayaks available for hire to explore the island bays, which are rich with bird life, monitor lizards, and otters. It is also possible to arrange for a visit to the local fishing village for a sunset cruise and fishing.
Accommodation is available on the island for overnight stays.


There are many accommodation options in Entebbe seeing as Uganda’s only international airport is located in this town. Up-market accommodation includes the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel, and the Lake Victoria Hotel. Mid-range accommodation can be found at the Boma, the Airport Guest House, Airport View Hotel, Gately in Entebbe, Centra Inn, Sophie’s Motel, Golf View Inn, Anderita Beach Hotel, and Sunset Motel. Budget accommodation options are available at the Wildlife Education Centre, Entebbe Flight Motel, Capital Cave Garden, and camping at Entebbe Backpackers.


For grocery shopping, Kwiksave supermarket is conveniently located in the town center, close to Barclays near the turn-off for Airport Road. For crafts and souvenirs, there are gift shops located at the Wildlife Education Centre as well as in the Lake Victoria Hotel. Weekly local markets in Kawuku and Kitoro offer a selection of used and new goods, from cutlery to clothes, to curtains, and more.


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