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Uganda still offers some of the least-known opportunities to experience the best of East African culture, climate and land.


Jinja lies along the Kampala–Nairobi surface road about 80km east of Kampala, overlooking the Nile. Formally the industrial heartland of Uganda, Jinja is now the second largest commercial town, with the construction of the Owen Falls dam in 1950 playing a huge part in Jinja’s rapid growth.

Jinja offers exceptional tourist activities as well as accommodation. Trips to Jinja are especially rewarding because of the short drive from Kampala, and the possibility for numerous scenic stopovers along the way. Walks in Mabira Forest and Ssezibwa Falls offer great opportunities for sightseeing local flora and fauna as well as heritage sites. Activities in Jinja include bungee jumping, kayaking, boat riding, white water rafting on the Nile, horse riding, and mountain and quad biking, amongst many others. Furthermore, the beautiful Bujugali Falls are a great place for a picnic or lounging at the local bar.

The Source of the Nile is located in Jinja: water flows out of Lake Victoria for a 6500km journey to the Mediterranean Sea going through Sudan and Egypt. At the source, there is the possibility to take a short boat ride to explore the local area, and also to enjoy local dance performances.

Many industries are situated in, or along the way to, Jinja, such as Kakira Sugar factory as well as Nile Breweries. Visits to the Brewery may be arranged ahead of time. The scenery on the way to Jinja is impressive, and includes tea and sugar cane plantations.

Where to go


The beautiful and spiritual Ssezibwa Falls provide a great stopover to or from Jinja.  The Falls lie about 35km East of Kampala. They are traditionally known as a spiritual place, and have two sacred giant trees said to have been planted by King Mwanga II and Muteesa II. There is a traditional healer said to performe ceremonies for those seeking love, or wanting a good harvest or successful business deal, for example. Ssezibwa Falls provide a nice area for a picnic, bird watching and nature walks. It is also possible to explore the many local shrines or make offerings to the spirits.


Mabira eco tourist forest is the biggest forest in central Uganda covering about 306sq km. The forest is located about 55km east of Kampala and 20km west of Jinja.

Mabira Forest is rich in biodiversity. In it, you’ll find 312 species of trees (including medicinal plants), 218 butterfly species, 287 bird species, and 23 species of mammals. Activities in Mabira Forest include forest walks, mountain biking, bird and butterfly watching, and camping. Accommodation includes bandas (dorm-like rooms), high-end resorts, and campsites. It is important to dress properly when going for nature walks in Mabira; it is recommended to wear hiking boots that go to the ankles, and trousers are also necessary (skirts or dresses are not allowed). There are various species of snakes that live in Mabira and although encounters are unlikely, it is essential to dress appropriately to minimize the possibility of injury or snake bite. Guided walks are available upon request.


Located at Njeru, just on the outskirts of Jinja, Nile Breweries offers guided tours for those wishing to learn more about the award-winning beers produced at this location. Tours must be arranged ahead of time. After the tour, you can visit a small gift shop.


The Jinja Golf Club offers a lovely course overlooking the Nile, once famous for games being interrupted by stray hippo. The golf course is open to non-members at a fee per round and golf clubs are available. There is also a swimming pools, and squash and tennis courts.


As History tells it, John Speke was the first European Explorer to discover the Source of the Nile. At the source, visitors can go on a short boat ride, go sport fishing, or shop for local crafts. Dance performers provide entertainment, and a small bar by the water provides food and drinks.


Bujugali Falls is a beautiful as well as spiritual place. The local community named the falls after a powerful river spirit that is said to have reincarnated itself into more than 30 successive people over time.

The 50km stretch of water makes for a great white water rafting as well as kayaking route. There is a series of nine impressive rapids, four of which are classed as grade five. Bujugali Falls is a great spot for bungee jumping, sport fishing, bird watching, camping and simply lounging and relaxing.


Up-market accommodation in Jinja includes the Jinja Nile Resort, which has stunning views of the Nile, and Gately on the Nile. Mid-range accommodation can be found at the Kingfisher Safari Resort, the Two Friends, Crested Crane Hotel, Hotel Paradise on the Nile, and Hotel Triangle Annex. Budget travelers have the option of staying at Explorers Inn, The Nile Porch, Nile High Camp, Explorers’ Backpackers and Bellevue Hotel. Camping is available at Speke Camp, Explorers’ Campsite, and Victoria View Inn.


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